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Flower Tucci

Flower Tucci Flower Tucci
Flower Tucci @ BlacksOnCougars.com
My loser husband made me get a day job so I’m a process server for the county. Today I had to confront ex-con Cuntree Pipes about his criminal past while his partner in crime, Ice Cold, was sweating bullets. I almost made the call for the cops to bust in when I had a tingling sensation in the part of my body that hubby is always neglecting, my Cougar pussy. Since I hadn’t been ravaged by young black dick in a while I seized the chance to milk their huge ebony cocks any way I could. I had no trouble relaxing my jaw and sliding those black poles past my tonsils. They continued to fuck me as if they had been locked up in jail for the past few years and I was their first taste of pussy since their release. The things prison can do to a man… All I cared was that these two pieces of prime cock showered me in black jizz proving that sometimes a cougar has to go the unprofessional route to get that black dick.

Flower Tucci Flower Tucci

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